Kippax Hall Surgery Car Park 

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The car park at Kippax Hall Surgery is private land owned by the partners of Kippax Hall Surgery. It is NOT a public car park. 

We have seen a significant increase in congestion within our car park exacerbated by people who continue to park outside of the marked parking bays and for people visiting the supermarket and other High Street shops. 

The consequence of the above is that patients who have the right to use the car park are unable to do so and the parking of cars in the no parking area creates a major safety issue. 

The car park is divided into 4 sections. 

  1. Access routes – which should be kept clear at all times. 
  1. Parking bays solely for the use of surgery staff and patients attending the surgery. 
  1. Parking bays that the surgery must allow users of the 2 shop units to use. 
  1. A hatched area – this is a NO parking area and should remain clear at all times to allow:
  • A turning area 
  • Access for emergency vehicles 
  • The right of way to the house behind the surgery 

Please can we ask that the surgery car park is only used by those that have a legitimate reason to do so and cars are NOT parked in the hatched area. 

If the situation does not improve and people continue to park illegally then we will need to look at how we can enforce legitimate parking on our private land. 

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