Cancer Awareness

Bowel Screening

If you are aged between 60 and 74 you might have received a bowel cancer screening kit in the post. 

We would encourage people to take part in this because it aims to detect cancer before symptoms show which then gives treatment the best chance of working. The link below contains some useful information about the test. If you have lost your sample kit, you can request another by ringing 0800 7076060.

Cervical Screening

Everything you need to know about cervical screening:

 Cervical screening, or the “smear test”, is a routine health check that identifies potentially harmful cells and changes on the cervix. Cervical screening is not a test for cancer but catching any changes early can reduce your risk of developing cervical cancer. Cervical cancer kills two women every day. Regular screenings can help reduce that number, which is why it’s so important you attend your screening when invited.  

 Our nurses are trained to do all they can to put you at ease during your appointment and are on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have. However, whether you attend your screening or not, is ultimately your choice. 

 If you’re due to have cervical screening, you’ll receive an invitation letter in the post. Don’t ignore it, book your cervical screening here today. 

 If you missed your previous appointment or are unsure if you are due a screening, please contact us and we will book you an appointment if you’re due.

Breast Screening

For information on breast screening please use the link to visit the NHS website

Breast screening (mammogram) – NHS (

Checking your breasts regularly is important. Information on how to self check can be found by following the link below

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